The Impact of our Training

The Impact of Our Training

A core business objective of the SSCP is to ensure that single agency and multi-agency training is effective and contributes to a safe workforce. Our learning and development activities are informed by the SSCP learning and improvement framework. In addition to delivering and commissioning multi-agency training the SSCP training team is responsible for carrying out quality assurance, evaluation and impact analysis of SSCP training.

SSCP Training Evaluation and Impact Analysis

The SSCP has introduced a four-stage evaluation process based on the Kirkpatrick model of evaluation.

Stage One – all delegates are asked to complete a very short questionnaire online at the point of booking a course.

Stage Two – all delegates are asked to complete an evaluation form post course in order to get their certificates. This is done via the SSCP online learning platform.

Stage Three – Approximately three months after each course, a sample of delegates are asked to complete an online questionnaire that explores four main aspects; knowledge and skills, confidence, effectiveness and changes in practice.

Stage Four – Focus groups held approximately six months after each course with professionals who attended training and possibly first line managers to further explore the four aspects above (knowledge and skills, confidence, effectiveness and changes in practice).

SSCP Annual Conferences

Evaluation summary of SSCP Conference 2018: Acting Early to Improve Outcomes for Children

Evaluation report of SSCP Conference 2017: Under the Radar ‘Young Minds – Safeguarding Their Future’

Focus Group – June 2018

On June 8th 2018, the SSCP held a focus group to evaluate the impact of training in practice. Practitioners and managers who had attended SSCP training between September and December 2017, were invited to attend the focus group to discuss the impact that the training had in their practice. The relevant report can be found here.

Impact Analysis of SSCP Training (for training programme September 2016 – July 2017)

The SSCP carried out stage three of the evaluation process to explore the impact of multi-agency training on practice. A sample of delegates who attended SSCP training during the training programme Sept 2016 – July 2017 were approached to participate. The first impact analysis report, for the period Sept 2016 – Dec 2016 can be found here and the second report for the period Jan 2017 – July 2017 can be found here.

Pilot Impact Analysis – Foundation Module 2 and 3 (October, November, December 2015 courses)

Pilot Impact Analysis report-21-June-2016–12-00

Pilot Impact Analysis Summary of Findings and Actions

Impact Analysis – CSE Level 2 and 3 Training



Analysis of Learning Action Plans

SSCP previously requested for delegates to complete a Learning Action Plan (LAP) after attending Foundation Module 1. We now no longer ask delegates to complete a LAP as we have adopted the evaluation model above. Below are two reports analysing the LAP’s completed by delegates and the actions taken by the SSCP in response.

Foundation Module 1 Learning Action Plans Summary of Findings and Actions

June 2015 Learning Action Plan Report

Quality Assurance of Multi Agency Training

To ensure our training is of a high standard, the SSCP quality assure the multi agency courses it commissions and delivers. All SSCP Trainers (internal and external) and commissioned trainers will be observed at least once every two years to ensure they are effectively delivering safeguarding training to ensure professionals  are competent in safeguarding children and young people in Surrey. This process supports SSCP trainers as part of their continued professional development.