Healthy Outcomes for Children who are Looked After

Target Group: The course is aimed at practitioners who currently, or may in the future, work with Children who are Looked After.

Research and practice tell us that Children who are Looked After have high rates of physical, emotional, social, and educational need than their peers.  This is due to their pre-care and sometimes in care experiences.  Adults with a care experience are over represented in our prison system and adult mental and emotional health services
The majority of children who enter care have suffered significant harm, neglect and trauma, and some are children who have travelled alone from their country of origin to seek asylum in UK.

Course Aim:
To provide staff with an opportunity to develop knowledge, skills and ability to improve health outcomes (both emotional and physical) for Children who are Looked After, who depend on partnership working across health, education, social care, police and other partners.

Learning Outcomes:
By the end of the course participants will have:
•    Developed an awareness of relevant legislation, guidance and procedures including Promoting Health and Wellbeing of Children who are Looked After
•    Improved their understanding of  why Children who are Looked After have additional health vulnerabilities
•    Improved their understanding of roles and responsibilities for  assessing and meeting  the health needs of Children who are Looked After within a multi-agency framework
•    Developed an understanding of the Care Review Process and how multiagency working can contribute to improve health outcomes of Children who are Looked After.

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