Early Help Training Including Early Help Assessments & Team around the Family Training

Target Group:

The course is aimed at practitioners and managers in voluntary, independent and statutory agencies who work predominantly with children, young people and their families.  They are working to provide Early Help, in relation to contributing to assessment, planning and intervention through the team around the family approach.  This training is also important for those working in a safeguarding role.

Purpose of the training:

  • To support your knowledge and understanding of the Early Help process
  •  To enable participants to use Early Help tools in practice (with confidence) to improve outcomes for children, young people and families
  • To enable participants to use the Early Help Assessment (EHA) in practice (with confidence) in order to improve outcomes for children, young people and families.
  • To recognise the purpose of the Team Around the Family (TAF) and role of the Lead Professional (LP) within it
  • To enhance the practical skills and confidence to undertake and embed this in your working practice

Learning Outcomes:

At the end of the course participants will:

  • Be familiar with Surrey’s approach to Early Help and national guidance
  • Be familiar with the principles of Early Help
  • Understand when to use the EHA and TAF, and the importance of involving families
  • Be familiar with the Family Action Plan, role of Lead Professional and Team Around the Family (TAF) approach
  • Have the practical tools and confidence to have an effective TAF and be a Lead Professional
  • Understand how to use the ‘Progress’ tool
  • Awareness of local help and support including the Early Help  Network


Please note that all current sessions for the Early Help Training have been cancelled and put on hold for the time being as none of the trainers had the capacity to deliver due to workload requirements. This training is organised outside of our team by the Early Help Training Team who organise the dates and send us the information to advertise on our website.

They are currently holding a waiting list for this training so if you are interested in further dates please contact them on earlyhelptraining@surreycc.gov.uk or our contact within that team, Jackie Spence jackie.spence@surreycc.gov.uk who will be able to advise around further dates or add you to a waiting list to be informed.