Course Bookings (evaluations & certificates)

Book your Places and Manage your bookings

We are have a booking system on our website which you will need to use to make bookings on our courses. To use this booking system, you will first need to create a user account and once you have done this, you will be able to manage your own bookings, access course evaluations, certificates and access your training history (as of September 2016 onwards).

Please note: individuals must create their own account. 

There is no facility for one person to create an account in their name and book places for numerous numbers of staff. If you are booking on behalf of another member of staff you need to register in their name rather than your own.

This is because the system is designed to be specific for the user and generates post course documents including certification using the details on the account created.

You can see our training programme and book your places here.


The SSCP will only be able to provide certificates for SSCP training courses that have been completed within the last 3 years. We do not have access to training details prior to September 2015.

Cancellations and Non Attendance

Unfortunately, we do experience a significant problem with non attendance and late cancellations.

As demand for SSCP courses is high and some applications may be unsuccessful, early cancellation is important in order that the place can be offered to another participant.

For course running from September 2016 onwards – you are able to cancel your own place 14 days before the course by logging into SSCP events page here –

If you wish to cancel your place less than two weeks before the date of the course you must email us at You will not be able to cancel your own place with less than two weeks to go.

If we are given less than two weeks notice of cancellation, the full charge of the training will be made. This applies to both partners and non partners.

Please note, the SSCP will not issue a refund if you cancel your place with less than two weeks’ notice.

Non Attendance

If you do not attend a course that you have booked on to, we will email you and your manager/finance team (you would have given us these details when you created an account to book onto our events).

If you paid for the course, this will not be refunded.

If you did not pay for the course, as you work for a partner agency, you will be charged the full amount for the course.

Unforeseen events/exceptional circumstances

We understand that unforeseen events/exceptional circumstances can lead to cancellation or non-attendance, in which case, the SSCP may consider a refund request or to waiver the non attendance fee. You must request a refund at your earliest opportunity by emailing The SSCP Training and Commissioning Officers will use their discretion in deciding whether a refund will be issued.

If you have paid a fee, and the SSCP Training and Commissioning Officer agrees to a refund, you will be refunded what you paid minus the £15 non-refundable booking fee. For example, if you paid £100, you will be refunded £85.

SSCP Training Cancellation

Due to unforeseen circumstances such as trainer illness or adverse weather conditions, on rare occasions, the SSCP may be required to cancel training with limited notice. If this occurs we will refund delegates’ training charge but not reimburse other costs incurred by organisations such as those incurred in releasing staff to attend courses or travel expenses.

Waiting Lists

If the course you wish to attend is fully booked and no other dates are available/suitable, you can place your name onto a waiting list. If any additional places are released or a delegate cancels their place, you will be notified that a place is available. You will be notified by email. This notification does not guarantee your place, you will need to follow the link in the email and book your place following the usual process.


Each course will have a pre-requisite and you must ensure that you fulfill these prior to attending. Details can be found in Our Training Programme

Learning Agreement

Anyone booking onto our courses will abide by the Learning agreement for delegates attending SSCP multiagency safeguarding training

Course materials

Prior to each course, you will need to download and print any pre-course materials. Material and further information relating to the training may also be available post course.


The focus of partnership training is on working together to safeguard children. All courses are delivered in an interactive and supportive way. Participants are actively encouraged to participate in discussions and share their knowledge and experience with colleagues from partner agencies. We aim to encourage a safe, constructive learning environment and hope you enjoy these development opportunities and maximise your learning.


Lunch is not provided at any of our training events unless specifically stated. You will be able to purchase food at some of our venues or alternatively you can bring a packed lunch or visit local shops to purchase food. Tea and coffee may be provided at some all-day training events where there is no access to catering facilities.

Equal Access to Training

SSCP is fully committed to ensuring easy and equal access to courses for all and ensuring that participants represent a wide range of organisations. Please let us know about any particular requirements you may need to assist in your access to training. If you would like to discuss this, please contact us.

Evaluation, certificates and impact analysis of SSCP training

The SSCP has introduced a four-stage evaluation process of training. For the first stage, you will need to complete a very short questionnaire at the point of booking.

After the course, you will need to complete a course evaluation form online in order to receive your certificate. If you have lost your certificate, you can log into your user account to download another.

After approximately three months of completing a course you will be contacted to participate in the third stage of the evaluation process and asked to complete a further questionnaire online.

Finally, for the fourth stage of the evaluation process you may be invited to participate in a focus group, approximately six months after you completed training. This is to help us understand how our training has impacted on your practice and improved outcomes for children and families.

We will use the feedback you provide during the four stages of the evaluation process to compile reports about the impact of our training on practice. The reports will not identify any individual and will be published on our website.

Charges; See individual workshops/training for charges. Some events are free for all.

Partner agencies that make an annual contribution to the SSCP budget. This includes CCG’s, Surrey Children’s Services, Surrey Police, National Probation Service, Kent, Surrey & Sussex Community Rehabilitation Company, NHS Trusts, Surrey Borough and District Councils, Youth Support Service, Surrey Early Years and Childcare Service, CAFCASS and Surrey Maintained Schools.

Free of charge

For non-partner agencies who do not make an annual contribution to the SSCP budget.

Charges for virtual training may vary. 

£100 per full day course

£60 per half course

£50.00 per 2 hour workshop

Charitable organisations will be charged a subsidised fee for both full day and half day courses.

£50 per full day course

£30.00 per half day

£20 per 2 hour workshop

Train the Trainers – Working Together to Safeguard Children

£100 for non-partner agencies

£50 for Charitable Organisations

Free for partner agencies

DSL New to Role/Update training for Education Provisions

Virtual workshops may vary)

£75 charge for all attendees

DSL Early Years Designated Safeguarding Lead – combined new to role and refresher training

£50 charge for all attendees

Neglect (Graded Care Profile 2) and Early Help Training including – Early Help Assessment and Team Around the Family (TAF) courses will continue to be free

Free of charge

Serious Case Thematic Reviews – 2 hour workshops

Free for all agencies

Effective Family Resilience SSCP Workshops

Free for all agencies


SSCP Training reports will be published annually.