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Thank you for attending our SSCP Conference – Under the Radar 2017 event, please find any post course materials links for this event below for your use:

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Under the Radar: Young minds – safeguarding their future

The SSCP conference, held on Wed 22 November 2017, focused on adolescent mental health and wellbeing as well as continuing the theme of exploring the impact of exploitation on children and young people; the focus of the 2016 conference. Feedback from the day about speakers and workshops was very positive and overall the event was a great success. A range of challenging safeguarding topics were addressed and the voice of the young person was prominent and very powerful.  

The aims for the day were to:

  • Raise awareness of the SSCP’s work including launching the Neglect Strategy (2017) and practitioner tools.
  • Hear directly from young people who have experienced exploitation, neglect or abusive relationships and their experience of support services.
  • Raise awareness of a range of complex safeguarding issues with specific reference to teenagers and the impact on adolescent development and outcomes.
  • Look at how practitioners and services might prevent or manage risk and support young people by informing practitioners through specialist speakers and workshops relating to the health and wellbeing of young people. 

The conference helped inform practice by educating, empowering and developing practitioner confidence. Through the presentations and theatre workshop we were able to assist practitioners in recognising and managing complex safeguarding issues. We also promoted working together and partnerships.

Elaine Coleridge-Smith, SSCP Independent Chair opened the day by welcoming approximately 500 professionals from across Surrey including practitioners and managers from the statutory, independent and voluntary sector.

Dr Anne-Laura van Harmelen (Cambridge University) then presented research on adolescent brain development and the impact of abuse and neglect on outcomes and resilience of young people.

This was followed by a powerful presentation from Claire Roberts and Molly Richards (student) from Magna Carta School on mental health, wellbeing and support to young people.  


Professionals were invited to attend two out of five workshops:

  • Jo Lang, Holly Yorston and apprentices from ‘Total Respect’ facilitated a workshop looking at the experience of children and young people who have been looked after.
  • CAMHs Youth Advisors (CYA) Danni Wilkinson and Grace Sullivan-Royall spoke about their work as CAMHs Youth Advisors on ‘Mental Health a Young People’s Perspective’ and talked about the sensitive subject of self-harm.
  • Sarah Kenyon from Heads Together YMCA facilitated a workshop about the mental health of young people and available support through the programme.
  • Dr Jenny Lloyd from University of Bedfordshire, a researcher on Child Sexual Exploitation, Violence, Trafficking and Peer on Peer abuse spoke about her findings.
  • Mark Chapman DCI, Serious and Organised Crime, Surrey Police & DC Rebecca Davies spoke about the vulnerability of young people relating to the risk of exploitation with a focus on Child Slavery.

Professionals had opportunities to network throughout the day as well as attend a market place offering stalls with information and advice for those who work with children, young people and their families in Surrey.  

The afternoon session offered professionals the chance to hear from DCI Peter Dommett (Sussex Police Counter Terrorism Unit?) on preventing extremism, radicalisation and grooming of young people.

This was followed by a theatre production by Alter Ego; ‘Tough Love,’ a hard-hitting production that raises awareness around Coercive Control and Domestic Abuse in teenage intimate relationships.

Elaine rounded up the conference highlighting a number of key messages which had emerged during the day SSCP Training team Dec 2017