Learning from Local Reviews

Learning from Local Reviews

The Surrey Safeguarding Children Partnership (SSCP) has a duty to undertake Serious Case Reviews (SCR) and Case Reviews according to the ‘Working Together 2015’ guidance as well as ensuring that learning from these reviews is disseminated widely and embedded in practice.  Working Together 2018 transitional guidance is currently being implemented and the new process will be in place by 29 September 2019

Learning and good practice from Surrey’s reviews is disseminated as widely as possible through the SSCP newsletter and regular workshops provided jointly by the SSCP and Surrey County Council (see here for more information). These workshops also include learning and good practice from Domestic Homicide Reviews, Partnership Reviews and Audits undertaken in Surrey. The SCR workshops form part of the SSCP training programme and learning is also shared through the sub-group structure, newsletters, publication on the SSCP website, SSCP training modules, Working Together training and ‘Train the Trainer’ sessions, which cover both national and local case reviews. In addition, training is provided on SCR methodologies and participation.

As well as some recurring themes, there is also good practice identified in partnership reviews that the Surrey Safeguarding Children Partnership (SSCP) has undertaken between 2010 and 2015. See the Report on good practice in SSCP Partnership Reviews (PDF).


Overview Reports and Statements

Thematic Review of Adolescent Suicide FINAL Dec 2020

Child B Final report Jan 2021

Child Death Review Partnership SUDI thematic review

SUDI Infographic Dec 2020

SCR Family M

DHR Doris Executive Summary

SSCP Thematic Review of Surrey SCRs and Case Reviews

Thematic Review 2019

SCR Executive Summary in relation to three children HH, II & JJ

SCR Child G


SCR  Baby LL

SCR Child A : Executive Summary

SCR Child D

7 Minute Briefings

The Surrey Safeguarding Children Partnership produces  7 minute briefings on key learning points arising from SCRs, LSCPRs, Themed Reviews and Multi-Agency Audits. The 7 minute briefing documents produced since September 2019  can be downloaded following the links below.

Files available to download