SSCP Conference: Under the Radar 2017

SSCP Conference

Under the Radar 2017 Young Minds – Safeguarding their Future

Wednesday 22nd November 2017

 Epsom Downs Racecourse, Epsom Downs, Surrey, KT18 5LQ

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SSCP Conference: Under the Radar 2017 Young Minds – Safeguarding their Future

Aims of conference:

  • Raise awareness of safeguarding issues with specific reference to teenagers including adolescent development, management of risk and the impact of abuse and neglect.
  • Inform practitioners through specialist speakers and workshops on a range of complex safeguarding areas relating to the health and wellbeing of young people.
  • Raise awareness of the SSCP and the work undertaken.


  • Improve practice by educating, empowering and developing practitioner confidence.
  • Enable practitioners to recognise and manage complex safeguarding issues.
  • Promote working together and partnerships.


9.00 am   Registration and refreshments

9.30 am   Amanda Quincey SSCP Partnership Manager will open the conference:

Introduction Elaine Coleridge-Smith SSCP Chair

9.40 am   Speaker 1: Dr Anne-Laura van Harmelen (Cambridge University). Adolescent brain development, the

impact of abuse and neglect on outcomes and resilience.

10.25 am Speaker 2: Claire Erasmus and students (Magna Carta School) Mental health, wellbeing and support to

young people.

11.10 am   Break

11.30 am   Workshop 1 (See below for details)

12.30 pm   Lunch

13.20 pm   Workshop 2 (See below for details)

14.20 pm   Speaker 3: Chris Williams (Home Office) Preventing extremism, radicalisation and grooming of young


3.05 pm     Theatre production: Alter Ego ‘Tough Love’

3.50 pm     Round up of conference (Elaine Coleridge-Smith) Q & A

4.15 pm   End of conference


  1. Apprentices, Jo Lang and Holly Yorston from ‘Total Respect’ will facilitate a workshop looking at the experience of children and young people who have been looked after.

         ‘Your decision – our life’

  • Designed and delivered by care experienced young people; this workshop aims to help practitioners understand what it feels like to be taken into care, and how the decisions made as professionals affect their lives and futures.
  • Exercises to help professionals understand the impact of care experiences.
  • ‘Tell Us – Ask Us’ session; an open session for professionals to ask young people anything they are curious about (care related).
  • ‘Make a Pledge’ – as people leave at the end of the day they will be asked to make a pledge so they can make a difference to young people’s lives.
  1. CAMHs Youth Advisors (CYA) Danni Wilkinson/Ella Jarvis and apprentices plus a young person will facilitate a workshop on: ‘Mental Health a Young People’s Perspective’
  • An outline of the work of CYA.
  • Self-harm: How do you feel’? A young person’s story.
  • How to support young people who self-harm.
  • Barriers to involving young people and how practitioners can overcome these.
  • Round up: ‘Hearts and Minds’, health and wellbeing for young people
  1. Heads Together YMCA: Sarah Kenyon (Heads Together Manager) will facilitate a workshop on Mental Health and supporting young people.
  • Outline of Heads Together and their work in Surrey.
  • Challenges from young people (anxiety, stress and depression).
  • How can professionals support young people to enhance emotional wellbeing and resilience?
  • Preventative work and awareness raising.
  • Case studies.
  1. ‘Peer on Peer’ abuse. Dr Jenny Lloyd from University of Bedfordshire, researcher on Child Sexual Exploitation, Violence, Trafficking and Peer on Peer abuse.
  • Definition of peer-on-peer abuse
  • The definition of consent and the relevance to peer-on-peer abuse.
  • The nature and the scale of the issue across the country.
  • The challenges of building a response.
  • Key components of effective practice.
  1. Vulnerability of young people relating to the risk of exploitation with a focus on Child Slavery, information sharing and the importance of community intelligence. Mark Chapman DCI, Serious and Organised Crime, Surrey Police.
  • Introduction to cover the legal and strategic aspects around child slavery
  • Police perspective and local context in Surrey
  • Learning from a case study
  • Ways forward (Q & A)

Theatre Production by Alter Ego

‘Tough Love’ is a hard-hitting and innovative Applied Theatre project that raises awareness around Coercive Control and Domestic Abuse in teenage intimate relationships.  The play is followed by an actor facilitated post-show talk exploring the issues raised.

It is an adaptation of AlterEgo’s highly acclaimed ‘Behind Closed Doors’ project – which was originally developed in association with The City of London Police as part of their front-line officer training in response to the HMIC ‘Everyone’s Business’ report.

It tells the story of 15 year old Becka and her relationships with her violent and controlling boyfriend Danny.  How they met, how they fell in love, how the control and violence started and how Becka eventually managed to get help.

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