Graded Care Profile 2: Neglect Pilot in South East, Surrey – additional resources available

Graded Care Profile 2 (GCP2) helps professionals measure the quality of care being given to a child.

It’s important we find children who are at risk of harm as early as possible so we can get them the right help.

It is a widely used assessment tool designed to help workers across the partnership identify when a child is at risk of neglect. It assists practitioners in measuring the quality of care being given to a child in respect of physical care, safety, emotional warmth and esteem on a graded descriptive scale.

Surrey is piloting this tool in the South East initially, with a view to implementing it across Surrey following evaluation of the pilot. The original tool was developed by Dr Srivastava, a consultant paediatrician in South Yorkshire. NSPCC worked with Dr Srivastava to develop the only authorised update of the tool. Graded Care Profile 2 is true to the original model but more user-friendly and comprehensive.

Only professionals who are specially trained to use the tool may carry out these assessments. A Train the Trainer programme has begun and training across the South East will be rolled out from January 2020. Booking for some of this training will be available through the Surrey Children’s Services Academy (SCSA) :  link here

GCP2 identifies:

  • Strengths
  • Weaknesses
  • What needs to change

By working out what parents can do better, it’s easier for the person working with a family to get them the right support to improve the life of their child.

It’s called Graded Care Profile 2 (GCP2) because different aspects of family life are ‘graded’ on a scale of 1 to 5. Questions are broken down into 4 areas:

  • Physical, such as quality of food, clothes and health
  • Safety, such as how safe the home is and if the child knows about things like road safety
  • Emotional, such as the relationship between the carer and child
  • Developmental, such as if a child is encouraged to learn and if they a praised for doing something good.

GCP2 is designed to be used with families where someone is concerned about the care of a child.

The number of visits needed depends on the family. After all the visits, the results are put together and talked through with the family. It can also help inform requests for support for children and families at level 3 and 4.

NSPCC case studies highlighting how the GCP2 improves outcomes for children

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