Effective Family Resilience in Surrey (including Levels of Need)

Effective Family Resilience in Surrey 

We want to promote the upbringing of children within their birth families and will work with those families to ensure children can remain safely at home. The Effective Family Resilience document explains how together we will act as soon as problems emerge, share information and provide effective, timely support to enable children and their families to overcome difficulties and become more resilient so that they can manage future life challenges independently. 

Some children need extra help to achieve their potential and this may be because they have additional needs or because of family circumstances or adversity or events outside their control. We want to identify and help these children and their families at the earliest opportunity in ways that do not leave them feeling singled out as different. 

In Surrey there are many different agencies and voluntary and charitable organisations who come into contact with and support children and their families. All who work in these organisations whether trustees, staff or volunteers will be using the Family Resilience approach. 

Early help may be offered at any point in a child or young person’s life. We seek to offer support early to help families solve problems or to reduce the impact of problems that have already emerged. 

To do this we need to work together in an open way with the child and their family to gain their confidence, identify strengths and needs, to find practical and achievable solutions, and to provide the right amount of information, advice and support. 

The Early Help approach will be called ‘Family Resilience’ and the Social Work practice model ‘Family Safeguarding’.  Within this we have identified four levels of need: Universal, Early Help, Targeted Help, and Specialist. These are set out in more detail in this document but are summarised below.

Universal: Children and young people who make good overall progress in most areas of development and receive appropriate universal services, such as health care and education. They may also use leisure and play facilities, housing or voluntary sector services.

Early Help: Children and young people whose needs require some extra support. A single universal or targeted service or two services are likely to be involved; these services should work together. A Team Around the Family meeting to share information and agree an Early Help Plan to support the child and family is helpful. No need for specialist services.

Targeted Help: Vulnerable Children. Children and young people whose needs are more complex. This refers to the range, depth or significance of the needs. A number of these indicators would need to be present to indicate need at Level 3. More than one service is involved, using a Team Around the Family approach, Early Help Plan and a Lead Practitioner to co-ordinate multi-agency support. Targeted Help can support at this level.

Specialist: Children and young people whose needs are complex and enduring and cross many domains. More than one service is normally involved, with a co-ordinated multi-agency approach and a Lead Professional, commonly in a non-statutory role. At times statutory intervention may be required. 

The Surrey Effective Family Resilience Windscreen

Universal services such as health visitors, midwives, GPs, schools and youth services are provided as of right to all children, including those with additional and intensive needs. Universal services in Surrey support all children and their families to help children be happy, healthy, learn, achieve their potential and become economically independent citizens.  

Services for children with additional and more complex needs are sometimes known as early help or targeted help services, such as support for emotional wellbeing, additional help with learning in school, extra support to parents in early years or targeted help to involve young people through youth services.

Children are best supported by those who already work with them, such as children’s centres, early years’ settings or schools, who can organise additional support with local partners as needed. It is really important for that child and family that they are very clear about the help they are offered and the difference it makes to their lives. This is best done through an early help assessment and plan. 

Children whose needs are more complex require support through a co-ordinated multi-disciplinary approach, involving an Early Help Plan and a Lead Professional to work closely with the child and family to ensure they receive all the support they require.  

Children’s mental health services, Educational Psychology, Speech and Language Therapists, Specialist teachers and SENCOs are examples of a targeted early help service. By working together effectively with children that have additional needs and by providing co- ordinated multi-disciplinary/agency support and services for those with complex needs, we seek to prevent more children and young people requiring statutory interventions and reactive specialist services. 

Specialist services are where the needs of the child or family are so great that statutory and/or additional specialist intervention is required to keep them safe and to promote their development under Section 17 of the Children Act 1989 or Section 47 of the Children Act 1989.  

We believe that if families get early help or targeted help, things will get better for them and they won’t need specialist services. Everyone who works with them will come together to find the best way to help a family and try to stop problems before they happen. They’ll be there to help when and wherever it’s needed. 

Effective Family Resilience for children and families is relevant to everyone who works in services that support families including the voluntary sector, adult mental health, community health, adult social care, housing and leisure. 

It is everyone’s responsibility to work together in Surrey to promote the welfare and development of our children. 

Workshop dates currently available: 

Friday 5th April 2019 – 10:00 – 12:00

Charterhouse School, Charterhouse Road, Godalming, Surrey, GU7 2DX

Friday 5th April 2019 – 13:00 – 15:00

Charterhouse School, Charterhouse Road, Godalming, Surrey, GU7 2DX

Further dates are being arranged will be available here once they have been published

Surrey Effective Family Resilience (Levels of Need) document

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